Straits Trading offers investors fractional investment opportunities in GCB, prime condo unit

Accredited capitalists registered in the Straits Trading Shareholders’ Club can invest in these fractional financial investment products with selection shares. As choice investors, they will definitely enjoy potential resources appreciation of the underlying business and even any kind of dividends due, which are going to be paid for semi-annually over the financial investment time frame of 5 years.

The minimum investment amount is $200,000 for the Duchess Residences condominium unit along with $500,000 for the GCB at Cable Roadway.

The Hill @ One North floor plan

At the end of the five years, preference investors may indulge in returns that show a share in the potential appreciation in price of the underlying building via a special payout. The rewards and also special payout are non-guaranteed and also contingent on performance.

Straits Developments Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subordinate of The Straits Trading Company Ltd, has actually released 2 brand-new fractionalised real estate assets items under its fractionalised investment real estate platform, FIR-ST.

One is a Good Class Bungalow (GCB) at 8A Cable Road, area of the reputable Chatsworth/Bishopsgate/Jervois/ Cable Roadway GCB place. The other is a unit in the 999-year leasehold, 120-unit private condo, Duchess Residences at 108 Duchess Avenue, in the Bukit Timah location. Both real properties rise in best District 10.

Eric Teng, group COO and chief executive officer of Straits Developments Pte Ltd, states, “FIR-ST is a distinct financial investment product that supplies diversification for financiers that wish to get exposure to Singapore housing real property in bite-sized fractions.”

During the investment time frame, the underlying real properties remain to be owned and operate by the occurring proprietors while financiers appreciate a share of the economic revenues.

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